Virtual reality escape room

Established in 2017, VR QUEST provides virtual reality multiplayer games in a safe and secure environment. The players become Avatars inside of a video game and together, complete missions, shoot laser, teleport and fight enemies.

The multiple user VR system lets you physically interact and collaborate freely in a virtual reality space.

VR QUEST uses widely known form of real life room escape game. It usually consists of a series of puzzles and hidden clues. The players have to find their way out in a certain amount of time. Their success depends on their analytical and observation skills.

This is the first VR adventure center in Germany: VR QUEST. We challange you to take on the most exciting adventures, created with the newest VR technologies. Your team of 2-6 players will be sent to amazing new worlds to complete missions that put you in the center of the action!


Great virtual reality experience. The interactive team work was amazing! Highly recommend for friends or corporate team building. The staff was so nice and accommodating to our time constraints. Thanks for a memorable experience VR QUEST!
Great experience. Can't wait to bring the rest of my posse so they can experience this trip into space. Had to leave my cuz behind cause he sucked at flying. RIP, sorry dawg. If you like having fun I recommend this place out."
Awesome experience. We booked a session for a friend's birthday, first time going. Brilliant fun. The staff was very helpful especially with the less experienced gamers. We drove 2 hours and its well worth it. The game is amazing! You're flying in 0 gravity, outer space, blasting robots with a laser. Honestly cannot wait to go back! I'm very excited to see the new additions."


Mind Horror I
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Mind Horror II
Currently Special Price 24 € pro Person
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