Virtual Reality Game - Mind Horror

Mind Horror

Mind Horror by VR QUEST – a world of eerie and exciting adventures perceived by your fingertips in virtual reality. Players become detectives, immersing into the Silentman’s mind to solve puzzles, complete missions, shoot fireballs, swim in the abyss and ride a rollercoaster in the dark.

A thrilling adventure into the mind of a psychopath The serial killer known as Silent man has kidnapped a child and keeps it at an unknown location. He was apprehended but a deadly disease of the mind has put him into a coma. Now your team of cyber-detectives has to enter Silent man’s mind to discover a key memory, which will disclose the location of the kidnapped child. You have exactly 1 hour to complete your task before the connection is lost and with it the life of the child!


While you are connected to Silent man’s mind your team will be in a virtual world based on his memories and his darkest fears. You are the main characters in a thriller with an open end… It’s all up to you!


Your team could be 2 – 6 people. It’s a cooperative mission and all of you must work as a team to succeed. Assemble your team and book your adventure!


It all depends on your teamwork and ingenuity – not only the fate of the child but also the fate of your team. If you fail to succeed before Silent man’s mind surrenders to the disease you will be forsaken too!


You will be connected to Silent man’s mind for exactly 1 hour. Once the time has passed the connection will be broken and all hope of saving the kidnapped child will be lost!


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